General Compost Resources

CWMI: Composting Fact Sheets
Cornell’s Waste Management Institute offers a compost fact sheet series including over 30 pages of management tips.

Vermiculture helps the environment
This personal anecdote from the Knight Center connects the environmental benefit of composting to the trials of set-up and management.

The Five-minute Compost Bin – PDF
This fact sheet describes a quick way to start composting using wooden pallets.

Designs for Composting Systems – PDF
This Cornell resource outlines 10 methods of composting including one method of vermicomposting.

Compost Troubleshooting – PDF
A guide to common problems, possible causes and tested solutions related to composting.

Compost Food Web
Soil organisms and their role in decomposing (modified from D.L.Dindal, 1978)


Vermicompost Resources

Fact Sheet: Composting with Red Worms – PDF
This brief resource discusses the benefits to worm composting and how to go about harvesting the worm-produced compost.

Worm Wise: Vermicomposting – PDF
This document outlines the creation and management of red worm bins and includes instruction and recommendation for future compost use.

Vermicomposting of Campus Food Residuals and Waste – PDF
This presentation provides a summary to a Michigan State University project, which used a combination of hoophouse and compost technologies to supplant the University’s annual purchase of lettuce.

Vermicomposting of MSU campus food residuals and waste (2014)

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