The Organic Farming Mentor Program is an opportunity for experienced organic farmers to support those new to the practice through education and instruction. We are seeking farmers (both certified and non-certified) to participate in our program, and share their knowledge with others.

If you are looking for constructive guidance, please fill out the Farmer Mentor Application and send it to Vick Morrone. We will pair you with one of our mentor volunteers.

New farmers can ask questions, visit farms and gain hands-on experience. A membership agreement will be filled out prior to participation. And a list of existing Organic Farm Mentors is provided:

Name, Farm Crop MI Location MI Contact
Jane Bush, Appleschram Farm Apples, Cover Crops Ionia Co., Charlotte
Jim Koan, Almar Orchards Apple Pest Mgmt Genesee Co., Flushing
Pooh Stevenson, Owosso Organics Vegetable, Flower and Hoophouse Production Clinton and Owosso Co.
Anthony Cinzori, Cinzori Farms Vegetable and Transplant Production Calhoun Co.,Ceresco
Lee and Lori Arboreal Vegetables Van Buren Co., Bangor
Jim, Matt and Ben Sattleburg, Thistledown Farms Grains and Beans Sanilac Co., Snover
Lee and Linda Purdy Vegetables, Grains, Dairy, Meats and Fruit Genesee Co., Linden
Cheryl and Alan Kobernik, North Star Organics Cherries Benzie Co., Frankfort

One thought on “Mentor Program

  1. Dear Ibidun,
    Thanks for your inquiry. Please email me with some specific info, type of farming, and your general location so I can help guide you to an appropriate resource or farmer to visit.
    Vicki Morrone


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